Megjelent a "Functional canned foods" című könyv

Németországban, angol nyelven jelent meg a Kaposvári Egyetem Marketing és Kereskedelem Tanszékén lefolytatott, a funkcionális konzerv élelmiszereket vizsgáló kutatómunka eredményeit összefoglaló könyv.

A könyv megrendelhető a

Szinopszis: The market of functional foods is developing dynamically in the world and in Hungary, too. However, while dairy industry and baker industry have launched several successful products on the market, the functional development of canned food industrial products is still only an opportunity. The overall objective of our research was to contribute to the improvement of canned food industrial products based on consumers’ needs by providing information for elements of a potential marketing strategy. This book gives a complex marketing research about the topic. Several types of market research tools were applied such as focus groups, means-end chain analysis and a big sample in-home survey in Hungary. The research tries to give practical advices for industrial innovators with marketing attitudes above all. However, some theoretical deficiencies were found so a part of the research tries to give answers supporting the theoretical side of the topic as well.